We are a Mobile Bar service with years of experience in this trade.  So have become an expert in Spirits and Wines and Beers. 

We can tailor our bar set up to fit into any location, we have even done a Bar set up at someone's home of about 30 guests to an outdoor community event of over 4000 people.

Also we will provide professional bar equipment, Glassware, Drinks, so you will not need to worry about anything apart from having a good time.

 Over the years we have catered for a variety of events at all locations, many events we have done the customer have provided their own drinks so we just provided the service and Bar Equipment and Glassware, but whatever Option you want just let us know and we can discuss this with you, currently we do not have a Beer Draught on Tap, normally we serve the Beer out of Bottles or cans, however if this was one of your requirements we can look into providing a Draught Tap on the day.

Due to our years of experience we have hardly ever run out of drinks at an event, and can make a good judgement on what needs to be provided for the number of guests you are expecting.  

Currently we do not have a pop-up bar structure like most mobile bars, as most events I have catered for already had a separate bar unit. As we do not have a pop-up bar structure we are able to keep our costs low, however as you can see by photos, we have led lighting, and we make it look very nice with Trestle tables the venue provides.

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